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Paul's Plumbing and Gas in Port Hardy has the professional knowledge to attend to your sink clogs, noisy pipes, or repairs to your hot water heater. Let Paul's Plumbing and Gas take away the stress and worries.

New Installations

We carry a range of quality named plumbing parts, and are always available to replace any of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry needs. We can replace any type of hot water tanks either gas or electric.


Thinking of renovating your bathroom or kitchen ?  Give us a call we would be pleased in assisting you in the layout, design and new fixtures to make your dream a reality.

About Us

Paul's Plumbing and Gas is a qualified mechanical company based in Port Hardy B.C. We offer skilled ticketed tradesmen to Northern Vancouver Island, servicing Port Hardy, Port McNeill and Port Alice. We are a fully licenced, insured and bonded company. Contact Paul for all your plumbing and gas fitting needs.

Make Your Dream a Reality


Lifetime Electric Hot Water Warranties.

Hot Water Tank Installation

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Plumbing tools
  •  New Construction
  •  Renovations
  •  Drain Cleaning
  •  Service Work
  •  Hot Water Tanks
  •  Gas Appliances / Sales - Service - Install
  •  Gas Furnaces
  •  Commercial Kitchens
  •  Pipe Threading Services
  •  Ask about our Lifetime Warranty on our Hot Water Tanks

What Makes Us Different

Paul's Plumbing and Gas can handle any plumbing problems your house may have either in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry.
For all our work, you will know the total cost up front, so there’s no hidden fees.
We absolutely guarantee our work. We are neat and do clean up after every project. * We do return all phone calls.


Save Hot Water

Fix leaky taps
A leaky tap, at one drop per second, wastes 800 litres per month.
Use faucet aerators
Faucet aerators mix air into the water flow from your taps and reduce water consumption by 25 to 50% per tap.
Shower or bath?
A typical bath uses about 75 litres of hot water, while a 5-minute shower with an energy-efficient showerhead uses less than half of that.
Use your washer more efficiently
About 25% of hot water is used for clothes washing. Try using cold water wash and always rinse with cold water.
Sparkling savings from your dishwasher
Use the light or short cycle for easy-to-clean loads. Use the energy-saving drying cycle for further savings. If you don’t have that feature, open the dishwasher when the wash cycle is complete and let the dishes air dry.

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Contact Us

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5250 Beaver Harbour Road
Port Hardy, B.C., VON2P0

250.902.0899 Business

250.902.8003 Cell

250.902.0881 Fax

Customer satisfaction is our goal. Please contact us for all your plumbing and gas needs.

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